The Benefits Of Polished Concrete

The Benefits Of Polished Concrete
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With so many different flooring options on the market, it can make choosing your new flooring system a hassle. But, we think that there is a flooring system that stands out more than the others, no matter where it is placed and that is polished concrete. Polished concrete may be known for its durability and longevity in the commercial and industrial realms but the flooring system has so much more to offer, even in the residential setting. Today we are going to be going over a few of the benefits that make us feel like polished concrete is the flooring of the future!
Stain Resistance
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If you are in an area that is prone to stains like a garage, retail or manufacturing plants, polished concrete is one of the best flooring systems for you! Because its surface is augmented with a concrete hardener that fills the concrete pores, it makes the system nearly impenetrable from liquids and thus stains. To help make sure that stains never grace your concrete again, it is recommended that any liquid spill be cleaned up ASAP, especially with liquids that are acidic.
Safety Features
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Another reason why we put polished concrete on such high regard is the fact that the flooring offers numerous safety benefits that we simply cannot ignore. For example, the reflectivity of the polished concrete system is among the best. With a high gloss finish, light can be reflected to make an area up to 150% brighter, increasing visibility and decreasing the number of additional lighting sources you need to work safely. There are also levels of polished concrete to make it safer to walk on, with some levels supplying enough texture to help your shoe bite to its surface but if you still want the high gloss finish, there are additives that can be placed on top to mimic texture.
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What makes polished concrete so attractive to property owners is its price tag. Polished concrete is such an affordable flooring system due to the fact that there is no topping being placed over the concrete, the concrete is, in essence, the flooring system. Unless your concrete needs to be repaired, you are only going to be paying for labor, making the system as affordable as some high-grade sealers. Depending on the complexity of the project and the size of the project, you can be looking to pay anywhere between $3-$12 a square foot, additional charges may be applied if you want color additives, saw cutting or decals placed in the finish.
Low Maintenance
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Polished concrete is so resistant to damage and stains, maintenance is almost carefree. The only long term maintenance you will have to plan is who cleans the floor! With that being said, polished concrete will always look its best when the flooring is swept daily and mopped at least once a week. The only thing to watch out for when cleaning your concrete is the use of acidic cleaners as they can wear down its surface faster than normal. This is why polished concrete should only be cleaned using PH-neutral cleaners and detergents. In areas that have access to water runoff systems like garages, a standard garden hose can be used to wash off its surface.
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One of the best benefits of using polished concrete is its longevity. When the flooring has professionally installed and properly maintained, it has the ability to last as long as the supporting concrete slab in most cases. While the flooring may exhibit cracking in some cases, most polished concrete owners take the cracks as a form of character, adding to the aesthetics of the flooring. This is also why it is recommended that concrete is polished 30 days after it has been installed.
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