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Do you want to protect your existing concrete? What about giving dusty, worn, or ugly concrete a new look? We make it easy to simultaneously transform and protect existing concrete with a wide variety of concrete coatings. We offer interior and exterior concrete coatings in Dallas, TX for residential and commercial customers. From affordable clear coats for concrete floors prone to moisture issues to high-performance industrial concrete floor coatings, we do it all.
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What Is a Concrete Coating?

Cost-effective solution to protect and beautify concrete
A coating refers to any type of semi-solid or liquid that’s applied to your concrete surface and allowed to cure in place. Some concrete coatings can be used indoors or outdoors; others are specifically used for interior concrete flooring.
As a general rule, concrete coatings fall into two broad categories: thin-film and thick-film coatings. Thin-film concrete coatings include penetrating sealers and acrylic coatings while thick-film coatings include polyurethane and epoxy floor coatings.
Each type of coating offers unique advantages and drawbacks to consider and no single coating option will work best for all applications. Acrylic concrete coatings are appropriate for outdoor use to add color and new texture to patios and pool decks. Acrylic coatings can also be used as part of a multi-layer system to create a game court surface. Siloxane and silane coatings are better at repelling water and offer reduced odors but they can’t enhance color.
Densifiers are another type of concrete coating. A densifier is a chemical that’s typically used in concrete polishing in Dallas to fill the surface pores of the concrete, reduce moisture absorption, and harden the surface to accept a higher polish. Densifiers can also be used without polishing to add some sheen, make the concrete easier to clean, and reduce porosity.
Epoxy concrete coatings in Dallas are one of the most popular and versatile systems. Concrete epoxy coatings are generally used for interior concrete and offer a highly decorative yet hard-working surface that can last decades. Epoxy floor coatings can be used in residential settings like garages as well as commercial facilities.
Polyurethane, on the other hand, doesn’t bond as easily to concrete and doesn’t self-level. It’s not as tolerant of moisture and it can’t fill dents in the concrete. Because it’s a solvent-based product, it requires more ventilation and the use of respirator protection to install.
Finally, stamped concrete overlays in Dallas are a form of concrete coatings. This type of system works by installing a fairly thin layer of a cement-based product to existing concrete. This overlay is then stamped and stained to resemble a different material.

Types of Concrete Coatings We Install

Customizable options to fit your needs
We install all types of concrete coatings in Dallas for commercial and residential customers. From transforming your pool deck or updating the look of your garage to giving your medical offices or school an attractive and hard-wearing floor system, we can help.
We install a huge array of coatings:
  • Exterior concrete coatings for pool decks, patios, driveways, and walkways
  • Interior concrete coatings for homes and businesses
  • Concrete waterproofing coatings for basements, garages, foundations, and businesses
  • Epoxy garage floor coatings in Dallas to transform and protect your garage
  • Epoxy floor coating solutions for commercial and residential applications
  • Stamped concrete overlays for concrete floors, patios, and pool decks
  • Rubberized concrete coatings for indoor and outdoor use
  • Acrylic concrete coatings to add color and texture to outdoor concrete

Where We Install Concrete Coatings

Serving residential and commercial customers in Dallas
We proudly serve clients throughout Dallas with tailored concrete coating installation. We’ll work with you to determine the right type of concrete coating for your application and budget then help you customize the look of your new concrete surface.
We offer tailored concrete coating products for all types of applications. Here are just some of the settings in which we install concrete coatings.
  • Educational facilities such as schools, daycares, and colleges
  • Manufacturing plants, processing facilities, and warehouses
  • Medical facilities like nursing homes, dental and medical offices, and hospitals
  • Garages, typically with epoxy garage coatings in Dallas
  • Concrete coatings for pool decks, including acrylic coatings and stamped concrete
  • Industrial concrete floor coatings for extreme performance
  • Commercial concrete coatings such as epoxy flooring and rubberized concrete coatings
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