Commercial Concrete Polishing

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Concrete Polishing Dallas

Commercial Concrete
When it comes to your business floors, call the professionals to have a concrete grinding and polishing done. We offer a beautiful finish for your business floors at an affordable rate. Our concrete polishing professionals have decades of combined experience and are here to make your life as smooth and easy as possible when it comes to the design and feel of your concrete floors.
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Commercial Concrete Polishing Benefits

Why should your business invest in polished concrete floors?
Commercial concrete polished floors are strong and durable surfaces that help you worry less about your floors and more about your business. If you’re searching for aesthetically pleasing floors that will last a lifetime, call our professionals to learn more:
  • Hardiness and resilience: resistant to damage by high foot-traffic, stains, chipping & discoloring.
  • Lower-maintenance & cost: longer lasting than traditional floor, polished concrete can be easily mopped or swept to be kept clean.
  • Attractive & stylish: Polished concrete floors offer stylish and long-lasting floors that do not require extensive maintenance.
  • Cost-effectiveness: when you installed a polished concrete surface, you are cutting the price of your flooring in half, if not more.
  • Eco-friendliness: cuts the number of resources and waste that is produced for your flooring.
  • Resistance: resistant to staining, impact, chipping, and abrasions. Concrete polished floors also meet the SCOF standards.
  • Glossy Elegance: The glossy floors can help increase light, increasing visibility, increasing safety, and lowering power bills.

How to Maintain Polished Concrete Floors

The maintenance is minimal but there is maintenance
Commercial Concrete
Everything requires a little maintenance, some require more than others, but not when it comes to polished concrete floors!
We suggest you use a microfiber cleaning pad for the floor to remove any loose debris. Dust particles are attracted to a concrete surface if left to build the particles will ruin your floors shine.
When cleaning your businesses floors, never reuse water.
When you do choose to wet mop, make sure that the cleaners are neutral and do not contain any acidic ingredients.
Do not use a cleaner with high soap content.
If you are applying a cleaner directly onto the surface of your floor allow some time to go by while letting the cleaner sit on the surface of your floor.
Do not let any cleaning agent ever dry on the surface of your floor.
If your surface begins to lose shine for whatever reason it is safe to run a speed burnisher of the floor.
For any questions or concerns, call our professionals.
What you must understand about your concrete polishing is that no two projects are the same. Your concrete may need more or less repair, different levels of sheen or even more obstacles in our path that can lessen or prolong the project. To make sure that you have a time span for your project, the only way we can give you a promise on your project is by giving us a call for a quote. But, don’t worry about the cost of the quote as we provide all of our clients with a professional quote for absolutely free! If you give us a call, we can go into depth about what your facility may need in advance to the concrete polishing and about what is going to come after concrete polishing such as limitations and tips and tricks for maintenance.
Are you ready to take the leap into concrete polishing? Give us a call today and get your professional quote for free! So don’t hesitate, the soon you call, the sooner we can get the ball rolling on your project!

Installation Process

Concrete Polishing
When you choose to enhance your businesses flooring system, it is important to hire a professional for short-term and long-term purposes. We know how important it is for a commercial setting to have a strong and long-lasting floor. We offer a quick condensed version to our step-by-step process for polishing and grinding your floors. For more information, give us a call. Our installation process:
  • Remove any and all previous coatings and paints. We have specific tools to aid us in removing coats and paints.
  • Seal any cracks, chips, or broken concrete.
  • We will then grind the surface with a 30 to 40 grit metal-bonded diamond. This all depends on the concrete, this may vary.
  • We grind with a higher metal bonded diamond.
  • Once again, we will grind with a little higher metal bonded diamond then the previous one.
  • We will apply a chemical hardener that will help densify the concrete, giving it the strength and durability, it is known for.
  • We will polish the floors with a 100 or 200 grit resin-bond diamond and increase from there. The finish will all depend on the look you desire for your commercial polished concrete.
  • The floors can be stained if desired.
Installation Process
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