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Dallas Concrete Resurfacing
Stamped concrete overlay
Do you wish that there was a way that your flooring could replicate expensive stones or intricate paver patterns that you don’t have time to install yourself? Want a floor coating that could produce stunning visuals without having to spend months installing it? Well, we have exactly what you need, and what you need is a stamped concrete flooring system! With a stamped concrete floor coating, you have the ability to replicate almost any type of natural stone or even wood, but with the added durability and extra benefits of a concrete floor coating!
Our team of professional stamped concrete contractors are standing by to help bring one of the flooring industries most exotic flooring systems to your home or business. REady to learn more about stamped concrete? We have all you need to know down below!


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The Customization Of Stamped Concrete
Durable Yet Beautiful
One of the main reasons why stamped concrete is begging to see massive amounts of installation all around the world is its ability to not only be an extremely durable and long lasting flooring solution. The reason why so many home and business owners love stamped concrete is because of the wide range of customization that can be done to the flooring system without having to compromise any of the other benefits. Down below, we have outlined how you can customize your stamped concrete flooring system for your convenience:
  • One of the most common forms of stamped concrete is the stone stamped concrete option. With natural stone, you are can mimic the surroundings of your home to create a flow that can’t be beaten by any other flooring system
  • Another way you can stamp concrete is by creating stamped concrete pavers. With concrete stamped pavers, you won’t have to pay for hours of work and waste materials cutting pavers.
  • Stamped concrete coatings are also commonly used on residential or commercial walkways and the most popular walkway stamp is the cobblestone stamped concrete that will give your walkway the perfect mix of timeless elegance
  • A very popular form of stamped concrete is the variation known as rustic wood flooring. With rustic wood flooring, you can have the look of hardwood anywhere you want. The best part about wood stamped concrete is that you don’t have to maintain the flooring system the same way you would hardwood, all you need to worry about is resealing the coating every 5-7 years! To make sure our rustic wood floor coatings look as realistic as possible, we make all of our stamps out of real hardwood!
  • For our pool deck coatings, we have found that the most popular stamped concrete variation is the flagstone stamped concrete as it can blend in and compliment most of the surrounding found in Dallas Texas.
  • Last but not least, the form of brick stamped concrete is very popular as the process of brick stamped concrete doesn’t require any hard to clean mortar to make it look realistic
Why Use Stamped Concrete?
A Top Flooring System
Stamped concrete overlay Dallas
While the wide range of customization of stamped concrete floors are a great benefit, there is so much more to love about the floor coating that you can find down below:
Stamped concrete acts as a defensive net to your underlying concrete slab. Thanks to the concrete overlay, you can expect your concrete to resist damage from heavy foot traffic, a variety of dropped objects and even scratches/abrasions
When your stamped concrete is paired with one of our high-grade sealers, your concrete won’t only resist damage from a wide range of chemicals and moisture, it will also make these contaminates easier to clean by isolating them on the surface of the floor coating
Another great benefit of using a stamped concrete floor is the natural texture of the flooring will provide amble slip and skid resistance when dry. But, when being used in an area that is exposed to moisture such as pool decking, additional additives may be required such as the silica sand additive.
One of the main reasons why so many home and business owners love stamped concrete floor coatings is for their affordability. For finishes such as natural stone and slate, you can expect a much lower price by using getting your concrete stamped. With the patterns such as pavers, you can get a better initial price with a traditional paver, but in the long run, stamped concrete can save you bundles of cash in terms of maintenance, repair, and replacement of traditional pavers. Remember, the only way to achieve the full potential of your stamped concrete overlay, you must have them professionally installed. We have access to higher grade materials and better equipment than regular joe and his late night web browser search.
RIf you want a concrete coating that you can trust that is loaded full of benefits that will change the way you see flooring forever, give us a call today so we can get started on your professional quote for absolutely free!
Concrete Resurfacing
Let Us Save You Money!
Do you wish that there was a way to get your damaged and ugly concrete back into working order without having to replace it? Well, that is where the process of concrete resurfacing comes into play and stamped concrete overlay systems are one of the best coatings to do this process! With a stamped overlay, you can fill all of the cracks and gouges in your existing concrete slab to get the uniform and beautiful finish that stamped overlays bring to the table. The best part is that we can do this process on nearly all types of concrete including:
  • Driveway Concrete
  • Pool Deck Resurfacing
  • Garage Floor Resurfacing
  • Walkways/Patios
  • Commercial Concrete
And the list goes on and on! If you want to learn more about the concrete resurfacing process and how it can save you thousands of dollars and weeks of time, check out our concrete resurfacing page or our pool deck resurfacing page. Remember, stamped concrete overlays can be used for a wide range of settings, don’t be afraid to experiment.
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