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It doesn’t matter how far we take a look into the past, since its creation, industrial concrete polishing has been one of the industrial industries most trusted flooring systems. If you already didn’t know, industrial polished concrete brings benefits to the table that will revolutionize the way that you use flooring forever. Whether if you are tired of spending hours maintaining your flooring or if you need something that can help defend against the harsh conditions of your industrial facility, polished concrete is the answer with benefits like:
  • Slip/Skid Resistance Flooring
  • Incredible Durability
  • A Permanent Flooring Solution
Are you ready to learn more about out our tried and tested industrial concrete polishing? We have taken the liberty in outlining everything that you need to know down below!


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Why You Should Use Industrial Polished Concrete
One Of The Industries Leading Flooring Systems
When looking at Industrial polished concrete, you will find that there are a magnitude of benefits that you stand to gain from using this award-winning flooring system. Are you ready to find out how industrial polished concrete can revolutionize the way you use your industrial facility, you can find the best benefits that your facility stands to gain from using industrial polishing down below:
  • What many business owners don’t know is industrial concrete polishing is a very affordable process as there are basically zero materials required. This means that your material costs are next to zero for a permanent flooring system that can last a lifetime
  • Thanks to the hardeners that we use during the industrial concrete polishing process, your concrete will be resistant to most forms of physical damage such as heavy vehicle/foot traffic dropped objects, and even the heavy vibrations of industrial equipment
  • Another benefit gained from the hardeners we use is the filling of the pores of your concrete slab. With the pores filled in your concrete slab, your polished concrete flooring system will be fully resistant to water and accidental spills
  • Polished concrete can even make your business facility safer in more ways than one. First one, polished concrete reflects light efficiently and can make any area that it is placed in up to 300 percent brighter. We even offer you the ability to have a silica sand additive placed into the top coat of your polished concrete to give the flooring texture that will make it easier to walk on when wet or heavily soiled
  • We know that you need your facility to stay open for as long as possible, so we wouldn’t waste your time with a flooring system that takes weeks to install, that is why our team of professional concrete polishing contractors can get your job done in 2-3 days
  • Not only will your flooring be resistant to chemical damage, but your flooring system will also make cleanup of the chemical much easier by isolating the chemical on its surface without being absorbed into the concrete.
How Long Does Concrete Take To Polish?
Minimal Slowdowns For Your Bustling Business
Industrial concrete polishing is a very straight forward process that our professional concrete polishing contractors have decades of combined experience doing. So, here’s what you should expect when having your industrial concrete polished:
To begin to know how long your process is going to take, you will first need to figure out the level of sheen you want your flooring to portray. There are 4 different levels of sheen, ranging from satin-like all the way up to super high gloss.
When it comes time to actually polish your concrete, the lower levels of sheen are going to take less time than the high and brighter sheens we offer but, the process stays the same throughout.
During the polishing process, we use progressively higher grits of sandpaper in the industrial grinders until the level of sheen desired is obtained
Depending on the size of your facility, obstacles in our path and of course the level of sheen that is desired, you can expect your facility to be ready for use well within a week!
What you must understand about your concrete polishing is that no two projects are the same. Your concrete may need more or less repair, different levels of sheen or even more obstacles in our path that can lessen or prolong the project. To make sure that you have a time span for your project, the only way we can give you a promise on your project is by giving us a call for a quote. But, don’t worry about the cost of the quote as we provide all of our clients with a professional quote for absolutely free! If you give us a call, we can go into depth about what your facility may need in advance to the concrete polishing and about what is going to come after concrete polishing such as limitations and tips and tricks for maintenance.
Are you ready to take the leap into concrete polishing? Give us a call today and get your professional quote for free! So don’t hesitate, the soon you call, the sooner we can get the ball rolling on your project!
How To Maintain Polished Concrete
Fast And Efficient For Your Facility
The maintenance of industrial polished concrete is much less involved than other concrete flooring systems and here’s what it will take to maintain yours:
For the dirt removal of your industrial polished concrete, we recommend the use of a soft bristle broom or a microfiber dust mop to remove all dirt from the surface of your flooring. Dirt is an abrasive that will rapidly dull your polished concrete floor
When mopping your flooring, a standard wet mop is perfectly fine for smaller areas but we recommend the use of a nonabrasive automatic floor scrubber for larger areas of your facility. Only clean water and clean mops can be used for this process as you risk scratching and abrasing your industrial polished concrete floor
As for cleaners for wet mopping, we only recommend the use of PH neutral cleaners as acidic cleaners dig into the polished concrete floor and nonacidic cleaners don’t work well enough before drying on the concrete
When a chemical or any moisture of any kind make contact with your concrete, pick it up ASAP to avoid all possibilities of damage or accidents. Always make sure you give your cleaner ample time to lift dirt and grime. But, do not allow the cleaner to sit on the concrete for too long as the cleaner can dry on the surface, leaving hard to remove residues and a slippery surface.
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