Residential Concrete Polishing

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Concrete Polishing Dallas
Residential Concrete
Polished concrete is quickly becoming a popular interior flooring solution. Skilled, experienced concrete polishing contractors in Dallas can grind and polish almost any concrete floor surface, new or old, to give you a fantastic high-gloss finish. The best part of all, polished concrete never needs waxing or coatings, ever.
No longer just the desired flooring solution of choice for the corporate world, polished concrete is now taking over the residential sector thanks to its great aesthetic appeal and affordability.
Ahead, we’ll take you through all you need to know about residential polished concrete, including what it is and why it’s worth considering for your home.


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What Is Polished Concrete?
A long-lasting and beautiful solution
Not too dissimilar to the concept and practice of sanding wood, the process of polishing concrete involves the use of heavy-duty machines to slowly and gradually grind down your existing concrete surface to your desired degree of smoothness and shine. The process of concrete grinding and polishing in Dallas involves the use of densifying chemicals which close the pores of the concrete and make the surface harder and less porous.
  • Long Lifetime: Polished concrete flooring can last for decades with minimal upkeep.
  • Easy Maintenance: Polished concrete is easily cleaned by mopping or sweeping.
  • Cost Efficient: you can achieve a great new polished concrete floor of your own design to fit your budget.
  • Customizable: Add any kind of colors, designs, scoring, grids, borders, patterns, stains, dyes, and more.
  • Perfectly Polished: You can choose the level of sheen, from a satin finish to a high gloss finish — whatever you have in mind.
Benefits of Residential Polished Concrete
Why polished cement floors are a great investment
Residential Concrete
There are many great benefits that come with residential polished concrete floors in Dallas. Let’s go through and explore just some of the amazing benefits you can find when you take your first step into the world of polished concrete:
With the addition of polished concrete comes the subtraction of pesky maintenance. The vast majority of flooring systems, including examples such as wood or tiles, require lots of upkeep in the form of grout scrubbing, careful use of cleaners, and sanding to maintain an appealing appearance and a clean environment. Our concrete polishing service in Dallas densifies the concrete and makes it less likely to absorb moisture or develop stains. It’s also easy to care for and never needs to be waxed or treated with special products.
It’s much more cost effective than the alternatives. Concrete polishing creates a permanent, finished floor system from your concrete slab at a fraction of the cost of other floor systems. It can also last a lifetime and even reduce energy costs by reflecting ambient light and reducing your need for extra lighting.
Polished concrete is stain-resistant. Due to the dense, sealed surface of polished concrete, liquids and oils are generally repeled and bead on the surface of your polished concrete. While a residential polished concrete floor isn’t completely nonporous, it is much more stain-resistant than regular concrete.
Stop concrete dusting as a result of efflorescence. With regular, unpolished concrete, you will see over time that tiny particles of dust begin to get pushed to the surface as a result of an upward force known as hydrostatic pressure. This will result in efflorescence. Efflorescence can force concrete coatings to separate from the surface and lead to an unsightly surface of your concrete floor.
Polished concrete features improved ambient lighting and reflectivity. Due to the great reflective properties of polished concrete flooring in Dallas, there’s no need to have the lights turned up to 11. As the light is reflected back from the floor, ambient lighting will increase, allowing you to turn the lights down a little or skip additional lighting completely.
There’s nothing toxic or hazardous involved. Concrete polishing in Dallas does not require the use of toxic or hazardous chemicals for an eco-friendly solution to new flooring.
With a mechanical polish, polished concrete can improve the condition of any old floors. Surface stress, curled cold joints, delamination or any other issues that may arise from aging concrete can be improved with a mechanical polish. The top surface layer of the old concrete is removed by mechanically grinding it away and the concrete is then strengthened by the polishing process. This will greatly increase the impact and abrasion resistance of your old concrete.
A mechanical polish can also reduce tire wear. Over time, the uneven and rough texture of natural concrete can cause wear to the tires of your car or motorcycle. Polished concrete floors are nice and smooth which will prevent any potential abrasions on your tires.
There’s an added increase in slip resistance. Despite the aesthetic shine of a polished concrete floor, polished concrete is not at all slippery. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: as a result of the way that the concrete floor is mechanically grinded and flattened, the friction levels of the floor are increased when compared to ordinary concrete floors, often exceeding OSHA flooring standards.
How to Care for Residential Polished Concrete
Protecting your new polished concrete
There’s not much in the way of maintenance required when it comes to a polished concrete floor in Dallas. However, if not taken care of to some extent, you will inevitably see a decline in your floor’s beautiful shine in the future. We’ll walk you through a few steps for keeping your polished concrete looking as good as it does today.
Any dirt particles on the floor should be dusted away with a microfiber pad. Dirt could be abrasive which could ruin the shine and clarity of your polished concrete floor over time.
When wet mopping the floor, always be sure to use clean mops and clean water. Mop and bucket cleaning will do just fine for maintaining your floor.
If you are to clean the floor with a floor cleaner, make sure it’s a neutral one that’s formulated to suspend any dirt particles so they can be more effectively removed. When cleaning only with the use of water, much of the dirt may remain on the floor.
Any spills should be cleaned from the floor as quickly as possible to avoid the liquid being absorbed by the concrete.
The cleaner should be allowed adequate time to break down any grime. If you immediately mop up the cleaning agent, it won’t have enough time to do its magic.
But also don’t leave it for too long! If the cleaning solution is left for too long, it could dry on the surface, so make sure to tackle your floor one small area at a time.
Residential Concrete
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