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Concrete Polishing Dallas
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Decades ago, polished concrete was a flooring system that was only used in commercial and industrial facilities around the world. But, if we fast forward to today, we can see that polished concrete has become not only one of the top industrial flooring systems, but they have even become one of the top residential flooring systems on the market. This is because polished concrete now offers many variations of customizations and configurations that can make any area it is placed in elegant and timeless.
Whether you are interested in turning your drab and gloomy basement into the spectacle of your neighborhood or want to push your industrial facilities flooring into the future, our team of concrete polishing contractors are standing by to provide you with astounding results!


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The Benefits Of Concrete Polishing
How Polished Concrete Can Make A Difference
When it comes to polished concrete, you will find that there are dozens of benefits that you stand to gain from using this revolutionary flooring system. If you want to learn how concrete polishing can transform the way you use flooring in your home or even your business, you can find the most popular benefits of polished concrete down below:
  • Thanks to the hardeners that we use during the concrete polishing process, your concrete will be resistant to many forms of physical damage such as dropped objects, heavy vehicle/foot traffic and even the heavy vibrations of industrial equipment
  • Another benefit gained from the hardeners we use is the filling of the pores of your concrete slab. With the pores filled in your concrete slab, your polished concrete flooring system will be fully resistant to water and accidental spills
  • Along with being watertight, polished concrete offers a chemical resistant finish. Not only will your flooring be resistant to chemical damage, but your flooring system will also make cleanup of the chemical much easier by isolating the chemical on its surface without being absorbed by the concrete.
  • Polished concrete can even make your home or business facility safer in more ways than one. First of all, polished concrete reflects light very efficiently and can make any area that it is placed in up to 300 percent brighter. We even offer you the ability to have a silica sand additive placed into the top coat of your polished concrete to give the flooring texture. This texture makes your floor easier and safer to walk on when wet our soiled.
  • Does your concrete have radiant heating? Don’t worry, polished concrete is 100 percent compatible with radiant heating and in some cases, radiant heating works better with concrete polishing
  • Contrary to popular belief, concrete polishing is a very affordable process as there are basically zero materials required for this process. This means that your material costs are next to zero for a permanent flooring system that can last a lifetime
How To Maintain Your Polished Concrete
A Carefree Flooring System
polished concrete Dallas
The maintenance of polished concrete is much less involved than other decorative concrete flooring systems and here’s what it will take to maintain yours:
For the daily dirt removal of your polished concrete, we recommend the use of a soft bristle broom or a microfiber dust mop to remove all dirt from the surface of your flooring. Dirt and grime can act as an abrasive on your flooring and dull it rapidly
When mopping your flooring, a standard wet mop and bucket are fine for smaller areas but we recommend the use of a nonabrasive and automatic floor scrubber for large areas. Remember, you may only use clean water and clean mops for this process as rubbing a dirty mop or dirty water on polished concrete can leave it dull.
When wet mopping, we recommend the use of a neutral PH cleaner to lift all grease and grime off of the flooring as acidic based cleaners can eat away at the glossy finished result of concrete polishing in Dallas.
Remember, the proper maintenance of your polished concrete plays a massive role in how your flooring will perform and even in how long you can expect your concrete to last. With that being said, there are some things to make sure you take care of when maintaining your floor and when accidents occur. First of all, when a staining substance or chemical is spilled on the polished concrete, clean up is recommended ASAP. Another way to help keep your flooring glossy and beautiful is to make sure you give your cleaner time to work on the surface of the concrete. But, do not allow the cleaner to sit on the concrete for too long, as if the cleaner manages to dry on your concretes surface, you are susceptible to a dull or stained surface.
Remember, the severity of maintenance of your concrete polished surface will solely rely on how much foot and vehicle traffic your flooring is going to receive on a daily basis. Be careful not to over maintain your concrete as results may not be what you expect.
Customizing Your Polished Concrete Floor
More Options Than You Expect
A common misconception that millions of people have with the decorative concrete flooring system of polished concrete is the lack of customization, or so they believe. We are happy to say that our polished concrete floor systems offer dozens of options for customization and configurations that can leave your flooring one of a kind. Down below, you will find the most popular ways that you can customize your flooring with concrete polishing:
One of the easiest ways that we can customize your flooring is thought the level of grit you wish to use. Remember, the higher the grit, the higher the level of gloss you are going to achieve.
When a fresh pour of concrete is going to be polished, we can implement different types of aggregate that can be exposed during the polishing process but with old concrete, it will be like opening a present on Christmas!
Another way we offer customization of your polished concrete floor is with stains that can achieve a marbling effect or earthy tones; with new solvent-based stains, we can create much more solid and dense lighter colors
Remember, only trust professionals with your concrete polishing project. Even the slightest mistake or skipped step can render your floor coating useless!
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