Have a few questions about Concrete Polishing Dallas before you make the call? Well down below, you will find a few common questions we receive from clients and their answers!

Can I choose how I want my finish to look?
Yes. We can polish your concrete according to your design or style goals. So if you want something that looks more like a glossy finish or maybe more matte, there are various options to choose from.
How hard is polished concrete to care for in our Dallas Climate?
Great Question. You will be thrilled to know that climate plays a small role in how well polished concrete will last. Your basic care instructions, when followed, will ensure the lifespan of years, if not decades.
Do I need special tools or cleaners to maintain my floors?
No. One of the best things about polished concrete is that you only need the most basic and affordable tools and cleaning solutions. Often, a bucket of warm water and a mop is incredibly effective.
Are polished concrete floors slippery?
We know they might look slippery, especially if they have a high gloss finish, but they really aren’t. You’ll want to clean up water or spills quickly, so they don’t cause a slipping hazard, but otherwise, your floors will great underfoot.
Are concrete floors expensive in Dallas?
When you see a quote for polished concrete floors, it might seem like they are expensive. We urge you, however, to do the math. Many flooring options will need to be replaced over time, such as wood, tile, carpet, or vinyl products. Some of those options you’ll be paying for twice or even three times. Concrete floors are typically paid for one time and have less maintenance involved, which can get pricey too.
Do I have to seal my concrete floors?
Another great question. When floors are installed and finished properly, you shouldn’t need to seal them. If you are after a highly specific look, such as with dyes, stains, or other additional features, sealing might be a part of your maintenance.
Is polished concrete always cold?
As you can imagine, since concrete is rock and sediment, it is cooler to the touch. Many homeowners welcome this feature since it keeps cooling costs a little lower. You can also add a cozy rug to soften and warm up the space if you feel it could use a little more creature comforts.
Will I need to worry about staining?
Concrete is definitely more porous than some materials, but the treatment we give it will help keep that at bay. If you clean up spills when they happen, you shouldn’t have any problems.
What are some safety features regarding polished concrete?
We want you to feel safe with your floors and there are some features you might not know about. First, polished concrete is water wicking and slip-resistant. Second, these floors are also fire-resistant which will prevent the spread of a fire. Finally, They are less toxic than other flooring options on the market. You don’t have glue toxins permeating the air and they don’t harbor bacterias or viruses.
How long can I expect my polished concrete floors to last in Dallas?
We have an interesting climate. We get hot and humid, but we do see some temperature drops too. Since our climate is milder than most, you won’t see a lot of expanding and contracting. This alone makes the flooring last a long time. Given how durable concrete is, you also won’t see a lot of damage. These floors can take a significant amount of abuse and you would never know it. If you care for them, your floors can last ten, twenty, or even thirty years.