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We offer a long-lasting yet affordable solution for your concrete floors! Whether you’re looking for a patio, garage, driveway, basement, or pool deck concrete resurfacing job, we can do it all. Our technicians have decades of combined experience in concrete resurfacing, you are in good hands. Resurfacing concrete offers home and business owners a much more practical, affordable, and efficient way to redecorate and rejuvenate their concretes surface.
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Should You Consider Concrete Resurfcing?
Where and why you should resurface concrete!
There are many different places where you can resurface your concrete if it is starting to show its age or you simply want to redecorate!
  • Concrete driveway resurfacing: completely replacing a concrete driveway will cost more than double if you would simply resurface it. So, elongate the lifespan of your driveway by choosing an affordable resurfacing option. Resurfacing increases curb appeal, reduces cracks, stains, and damage caused by pressure. Driveway concrete resurfacing also saves time and money when it is compared to ripping out the surface and relaying it.
  • Pool deck concrete resurfacing: when you want to redesign your pool deck, resurfacing concrete is much more affordable and much quicker than ripping out the pool deck entirely. When you resurface concrete pool decks you can choose from different designs, textures, patterns, and colors. For example, resurfaced concrete can be designed to mimic brick, wood, stone, sandstone, or tile. Using the existing concrete as the materials save the pool deck owner hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Garage concrete resurfacing: to create a surface that is resistant to damage and staining, concrete resurfacing can help. Garage floors are exposed to damaging chemicals, heavy pressures, and constant wear, so it is not a surprise that sometimes the floors need a bit of an update. Concrete resurfacing creates a surface that is a stain, impact, crack, and oil-resistant and so much more.
  • Patio, walkway, basement, and more: choosing to resurface anyone of these concrete surfaces creates a strong and resistant surface that is resistant to different forms of damages. Resurfacing also helps owners install floors that are safe and long-lasting. Some of the safety qualities include slip-resistance, heat-resistance, and chemical breakdown-resistance.
Benefits of concrete resurfacing
Creating Beautiful Concrete For Affordable Prices
Concrete Resurfacing Dallas
The benefits of resurfacing concrete include:
Affordability: with a cost between $3-$5 per square foot, it is hard to compare any alternative to concrete resurfacing. When you choose to resurface concrete, you are saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars when compared to ripping out the old surface and pouring down a new one.
Aesthetics: concrete resurfacing is used mainly when concrete surface owners feel that their concrete no longer looks young and vibrant. Resurfacing concrete rejuvenates your surface and creates a stain, impact, dirt, and abrasion-resistant surface. This helps your concrete remain to look young, bright, and beautiful. You can choose from different colors, designs, and materials that will make your surface appear to be something else entirely, not just concrete.
Long-lasting: concrete resurfacing enhances the quality of the surface by creating a resistant floor that is stronger than the original.
Maintenance: when you resurface concrete the surface becomes much easier to maintain for long periods of time. A resurfaced floor does not need special waxes or cleaners to maintain its resistance and appearance.
Time-saving: a quality that is often thought after-the-fact, saving time on installation is important. Our technicians are quick and efficient, so your space is not invaded for long periods of time.
How to prepare a concrete surface
Concrete Resurfacing
Preparing your concrete to be resurfaced is extremely important because without a receptive surface a resurfacing job will fail. There is a standard process that all concrete surfaces must undergo prior to the actual resurfacing can begin. We treat each surface as an individual floor but there are original steps that must be taken, including:
Floors will have to be inspected by a professional technician
Any previous coatings, paint, and sealants will be removed
Cracks, chips, and abrasions will be repaired
Once all of those issues have been checked and met our professional concrete technicians can begin the resurfacing process. This process and the duration may vary depending on the desired design, texture, an area that is being resurfaced.
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